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The SCOPUS Diaries and the (il)logics of Academic Survival: A short guide to design your own strategy and survive bibliometrics, conferences, and unreal expectations in academia

Why you do what you do? Do you like all the things you are required to do the same way? And do you have time for anything else beyond your work tasks?

Can you cope with: teaching, publishing, peer review, project evaluation, fundraising, administration, bureaucracy, public engagement, supervision of Master and PhD theses, travel to conferences, fellowship applications, selection committees, editing, organizing events?

Based on the author’s experience and stories collected from five continents and a wide range of disciplines, The SCOPUS Diaries and the (il)logics of Academic Survival is a guidebook organized around short questions and answers to prompt readers to reflect upon what we do, why we do it, how we do it and eventually admit that it is impossible to “do it all”.

About the author

Abel Polese: scholar, development worker, writer and wannabe musician. To date he has published 17 books, over 100 peer-reviewed chapters and articles and designed capacity building and training programmes on the Caucasus, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and Latin America (funded by, inter alia, the EC, UNDP, Erasmus National Agencies, ASEF, Irish-aid) receiving funding for over €10 Million.

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