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The quantity and quality of the information presented at the PLACES conference are going to impress everyone. The conference provides a great opportunity for all the attendees and participants to get to know each other and learn about each other's studies and ideas. That is where you can support your friends and fellow researchers not only by listening and finding out about what they are doing, but also by participating in discussions.

Karina Palkova,
PhD student, lecturer at the Faculty of Law, RSU


PLACES is a platform that must be used for the approbation of one's theories and beliefs and discussions with colleagues. I believe that our discussion panel will attract all the researchers interested in the concept of state – the theoretical discourse could turn out to be of interest to anthropologists, political scientists, philosophers and representatives from other disciplines.

Klāvs Sedlenieks,
Assistant Professor, Department of Communication Studies, RSU


Every researcher or PhD student needs the PLACES conference to receive constructive comments that could improve their work and prevent potential criticism in the future. When writing my publications, I always ask my colleagues to review them. As a result, I get ideas and comments on improvements that may be required. For PhD students, participation in conferences and scientific activities are a calculated way of gaining credit points. It's also important that teaching staff maintain and update their scientific knowledge and discuss ideas. Furthermore, it's entirely dedicated to social sciences.

Māris Andžāns,
Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, RSU